How Long Does Shipping Take? 
We ship out the same or next business day and shipping takes about 3-7 days depending on your location! USPS Business days are Mon-Fri, order on or before Friday to get your order shipped faster! 

How Do You Apply Lashes? 
Step One: Trim lashes to fit your eye size, and avoid lash band from touching inner corner! This will irritate your eyes when you blink 
Step Two: Apply a thin layer of lash glue on lash band and wait 1-2 minutes for glue to get tacky (change color) 
Step Three: Using your fingers or lash tweezers apply lashes directly onto your lash line & Done! 

Do We Offer Pick Up or Delivery?
Yes! If you follow us on Instagram @lovelys.lashes you can checkout our availability on our highlights. There is a pick up option at checkout and it is your responsibility to dm me immediately to confirm pick up! DM us for local delivery