Joining Lovely's Lashes

Becoming part of Lovely's Associates: 

If you're not on my PR list you can become an associate with Lovely's Lashes!
In order to be a part of my team you must show that you are a reliable person by promoting my business page. This is how you'll remain on my associates list. Promoting my page/lashes can be anywhere from once a week, to once every two weeks. Remember, the more you promote with your code the more chances you get to receiving your free lash pair quicker! If you're interested please message me. You must have made a purchase in order to promote my page, or at least have shown support in some way. 

Associates will receive their own discount code, and with every 5 uses they will receive a free pair of lashes on their next order or can also be shipped/delivered/picked up. Associates also have a chance of becoming a PR member depending on their support towards my company! 

Xoxo, Lovely's Lashes